Have you set targets to minimise your environmental impact?

Yes, we are committed to reducing the emissions of the 6 greenhouse gases identified in the Kyoto Protocol as contributing to climate change.

These are the areas we target:

  • Fuel consumption in vehicles owned by the company
  • Flights & accommodation
  • Business travel land and sea
  • Employee commuting
  • Emissions from purchased fuels used by the company
  • Treatment of waste from electronic materials
  • General waste

These are some of the measures we have implemented in order to reduce our emissions of GHGs:

Fuel consumption / business travel / employee commuting
  • To minimise fuel consumption, engineers share vehicles on their journeys to and from site
  • We have invested in 6-seater vehicles to reduce the no of vehicles which we send to site
  • Wherever possible, we keep our journeys to 75 miles or less
  • When we replace vehicles we replace with electric
  • Electronic car charging points installed at our offices
  • Reduced no of face-to-face meetings
  • Car share scheme for office-based staff
  • Facilities for showering and changing at work, to encourage walking / cycling to the office
Emissions from purchased fuel
  • Energy saving LED lighting installed throughout offices
  • Daylight dimming PIRS near windows and standard PIRS elsewhere to ensure lights are only used when necessary
  • External lights controlled by timeclock to prevent operation during daylight hours
Treatment of waste from electronic materials / general waste
  • Waste management plan for every site
  • Recycling in our offices
  • Food waste separate from general waste on all sites / offices
  • WEEE agreement in place with electrical wholesalers / distributors

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